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ToothZone Xylip Lip Balm
Xylip Lip Balm
  • First ever lip balm with Xylitol

  • Contains natural protective and disease preventing ingredients

  • Contains protection against UV Light from the sun with SPF 15

  • Contains enough Xylitol, .2%, which with repeated use will provide the accumulative daily amount recommended by dermatologists

  • Has a pleasant Lime flavor

  • Smooth consistency which covers more surface are of the lip

  • When routinely applied to the lips, XyLip will adequately moisturize dry skin on and around the lip preventing cracking

  • Provides protection for dry cracked lip surfaces and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria

  • Why should Xylip be used for oral health?  XyLip, routinely applied to lips can prevent agaiinst the "Superbug" which causes MRSA infections.  The accumalative affect of Xylitol acts as an important protective ingredient

Professional Surveys:

  • Xylip has been distributed to random dental clinics throughout the US and the staff was surveyed after use of the product giving the following results

  • Overall Rating: Excellent

  • 75% of reviewing dental professionals liked Xylip for its flavor, smooth application and UV protection

  • 63% would change to Xylip from the product they currently use

  • 54% would purchase Xylip for their dental practices


ToothZone XyloKid
XyloKid Toothpaste
ToothZone Sponge Floss
Xylitol Expansion Sponge Floss

Tooth Zone presents the first ever Xylitol Expansion Floss.

ToothZone Proudly introduces the first ever Xylitol expansion floss. The multiple nylon Expanded fibers are well-suited for cleaning and removing plaque and debris from the interproximal surfaces of teeth.

Additionally, the Xylitol-containing fibers provide an added anti-cariogenic effect.


"Sponge Floss" is the first product of its kind containing Xylitol, a pleasant tasting natural alcohol-sugar known for decades to fight against decay. 

Proper daily use of this product will mechanically help to remove plaque as well as introduce a natural preventive substance interproximally for additional protection. 


The pleasant Flavor and waxed fibers also combine to make this ToothZone product the Dental Defender of the new millennium.

ToothZone FlexiPro X

FlexiProX Interproximal Toothbrush :


•3-dimensional design for easy access to tight spaces between teeth
•Flexible head that easily finds its way between tight contacts
•Ergonomically-designed handle easier for seniors and adolescents
•Compact and convenient pocket size
•Structurally designed for repeated uses with tooth gel or paste
•Removes plaque and debris from areas not accessible to ordinary toothbrush


XyloKId Toothpaste :


■ Recommended strongly by international dentists and dental hygienists

■ Recommended by international dental organizations


ToothZone presents the first known Xylitol Toothpaste for children.

It is well-suited with this new Xylitol formula as an anti-cariogenic defender against Oral disease.

This new toothpaste contains 30% Xylitol, well above the internationally recommended standard of 5.6g per day.

In addition, this toothpaste has an attractive “grape” flavor which should encourage continued use by children.


XyloKid for children is the best product for dental prevention in children because use of Xylitol in combination with appropriate amounts of fluoride is supported by the American Dental Association's Executive Committee.


The ADA recently published evidence-based clinical recommendations for use of non-fluoride carries-preventive agents in dentifrices(Journal of the American Dental Association, Sep.2011).


Our fluoride amount to demonstrate that pediatric dentists approve of our minimal levels of fluoride.


XyloKid is the best product available and meets all requirements to prevent cavities in children. 


The paste is available on the international market in an attractive 90g tube which is easily handled and stored by children.