Nicole Glines, RDH, MPH (Preventive Dentistry, Pine Ridge, SD).

Children really like Xylokid on the reservation because of the flavor...There are so many young ones with serious cavities...anything we can do here to get children to brush their teeth is a step in the right direction.  My own children love Xylokid.


Dr. Nelson Joo DMD, Orchid Family Dentistry, Aurora, Colorado.


Myself including my staff are very fond of the ToothZone Sponge Floss.  We encourage our patients to use it because no other floss adds an ingredient that actually fights against cavities and gum disease.   We will support any product that is ranked high...Sponge Floss is rated in the top 3 best flosses in America.

Dr. Mary Kay Krivy, DDS
Cheyenne, Wyoming

I dont know, but I dont think a better interproximal brush has ever been designed...with the flexibility and the sizes available, I can see many more patients actually getting used to the habit of brushing between the teeth.  I am definitely going to make them available to the patients in my practice.

Dr. Elizabeth Twomey, (Children's Public Health Dentist), Denver, CO

Xylokid is a breakthrough in the fight against Early Childhood Caries (ECC)  which is now an epidemic...children actually like Xylokid and its mild taste and natural ingredients make them want to brush repeatedly...it has both natural  fluoride and xylitol and together they deliver a dual punch to prevent cavities.  I like it too.